Simple Project Management
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Flow gives your team simple tools to move projects forward, delegate tasks, prioritize to-dos, and make sure nothing gets missed.
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Take control of your projects and help your
team focus on what they do best

Effortless organization

When every upcoming task and project is safely in Flow, you can quit the what-do-we-do-next juggling act and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Crystal-clear visibility

Quit worrying about what you don’t know, and start knowing. Get instant clarity into who’s doing what, when it’ll be done, and what comes after.

Breakdown-free communication

Flow keeps communication helpful and to-the-point, so that everyone spends less time discussing work and more time actually doing it.

Tasks keep everything tidy

Create tasks for whatever needs to get done, and organize those tasks into projects. Flow can always tell you what’s next.

Discussions keep work moving

With your work tightly organized and your team gathered, blockers don’t block: anyone can ask for the help they need right away.

Everyone gets more done

Everything your team’s working on happens in one spot. Everyone gets visibility into where their work is headed—even remote folks.

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