Flow lets you brilliantly organize
next steps, tasks, and entire projects.

Help your team get more done and do what they do best—even if they’re in Vancouver and you’re in San Francisco.

Collaborate, Plan, Repeat

When you want to get a razor-edge focus on a single to-do, create a task
and have a superfocused discussion.

Not Just Project Management. Mission Control.

Flow gives you plenty of ways to get a quick high-level view of the entire project. Take everything in, and easily assess the status of a job.
Keep Score with the Dashboard
Monitor and Manage Workloads
Visualize Entire Projects with Kanban Boards
Plan Ahead with Calendars

Flow makes your team’s chats actionable.

Keep great ideas out of the chat graveyard. Flow’s a different kind of team chat that lets you turn the outcomes of conversations into tasks.

Make Chats Actionable

Create tasks directly from chat immediately, without getting away from what you’re doing. Add a due date and you’re all set — no more copying, pasting or paraphrasing.

Direct Message Discreetly

Some conversations aren’t for everyone’s eyes. That’s why Flow has direct messaging — so you can talk with as many people as you need in private.

Grab Attention with a Mention

Ugh, shoulder-taps are so uncouth, aren’t they? Instead, get someone’s attention with a quick mention in a chat room.

Work Without Distractions

Get alerts when you’re mentioned in chat or DM’d. The rest of the time, work totally distraction-free.

Drop Files Into Conversations & Tasks

It’s dead simple to share any file you need in chat and in task discussions — from screenshots to PSDs to Keynotes.

Upvote the Best Ideas

Lots of ideas fly around in chat. Show support (or instant approval) for the best ones by liking them.

Start managing your team’s tasks in Flow with a 15-day free trial.